About BEAM

“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare.

BEAM is a creative arts and culture venue situated in the heart of Hertford town centre. Located on the site of the previous Hertford Theatre, BEAM continues the legacy of bringing high quality entertainment and arts to the town. Offering first-release films, a new, flexible studio theatre, community facilities, including a Changing Place and a variety of public spaces to work, socialise or just relax in.

We’re more than just a theatre, and a name change was necessary to capture all that we have to offer.

We worked with our branding consultants, Hemingway Design and local creatives, community organisations and key stakeholders to find a new name for a building that embodies our values.

BEAM is a ray of light seen from the projector in a darkened cinema.
BEAM is a spotlight that picks out a performer on a stage.
BEAM is a smile on your face.
BEAM shines a light on Hertford, putting it on the regional and national cultural map.
BEAM is the moonlight that crosses boundaries and borders.
BEAM is the starlight that travels faster and further than sound.
BEAM draws your focus and attention, highlighting something important; not to be missed.
BEAM sends out rays of inspiration and creativity to the wider landscape.
BEAM offers foundational and structural support, providing strength and durability.

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